All of my sessions with girls and women come with complimentary professional hair and makeup. My clients feel and look so gorgeous and enjoy the overall experience because of it! So, I’m always on the lookout to add additional talent to my team and I was fortunate to come across Holly. Holly came in for a short shoot with me and I had a few goals in mind from our time spent together. Well, I loved getting to know her, and she did such an amazing job on her own hair and makeup! For me, I now have a great backup in tow for my clients hair and makeup needs as well as a handful of awesome images posted below! I needed to practice getting the “Flower bed” shot for an upcoming Bridal shoot, and Holly did it beautifully. Thanks so much Holly!!!


This next shot signifies Vogue to me. Full of contrast and style. That was our goal and I really love it!


I was able to find a mound of silk flowers from a local florist who will be going out of business soon. I KNEW I could use them and welcomed as many as I could get into my studio, pretty much for shots just like this! I can’t wait to try this with upcoming Brides!


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